An experimental 1D Sidescroller.

This game contains a single level with regular checkpoints and a clear ending. I bet you will find a few challenges along the way! While knowing how to beat each section, it takes me 5 minutes to play through the game. You are encouraged to try and beat my time!

The keybindings are found in-game in the main menu as well as in the pause menu.

The embeded browser version works with an xbox controller!

The web version works well with chrome and firefox. (The sound delay is a little higher in the web compared to the native exe, however that is not crucial for this game.) If the game prints an error try to disable your content blockers. The Edge browser does not seem to work at all.

If your stuck please take a look at the color legend:


The Player - You

The Player with low stamina. Stamina is needed for teleports and attacks.

Sound Signal

Teleport range

Wall - Touching is allowed, but becoming part of the wall by for example teleporting into it will kill!

Button - Activates things when the player touches it

Enemy - That is what your attack is for

Attack/Projectile - Deals damage. Can be destroyed by other Attacks or Projectiles. 


Download 13 MB

Install instructions

  1. Unpack the zip archive
  2. Run the .exe
  3. Ignore the console window with errors
    1. I had to supply the debug build; the release build crashes when fighting the end boss.


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This is a really interesting concept and it makes me think of the main 'character' being like a barcode scanner. You could definitely make something super unique out of this.

Idk what the light gray bars are for really except for maybe music, but I really loved the game.  Great Idea and very good execution!

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks! Yes, the gray bars only emit "music" However, there are several reasons why they exist ;)

I also added a color legend for clarification. I felt like the game is not good at communicating some of the important things anyway. Especially at the end of the game.